Remover Combi

€29,95 EUR

With the Doonails Remover Combi, your Dipping Powder Manicure & Pedicure can be removed gently and without drying out your cuticles.

So you can quickly and easily switch between your favorite colors and designs.

Simply soak the cotton pad on the remover foil generously with acetone. Then place the wet cotton pad exactly on the nail and fix the foil around the finger.

Leave this to work for about 15 minutes. Afterwards, the Dipping Powder can be easily removed from the nail. Small remnants can be easily removed with the cuticle pusher or the fine file side without much effort.


  • Remover foils 100 pcs.
  • Acetone bottle 100 ml.

Ingredients acetone: 100% acetone

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 66 reviews
      doonails trial set

      I am very satisfied and my nails grow very well, super

      Great nude look

      Another great color from the Doonails range. I love them ❤

      Viktoria Schlegl
      Super book

      Well explained and very helpful just as a beginner

      Renate Weber
      Super idea but needs improvement

      I have been looking for a long time for a long-lasting alternative to paint. I wanted to do without a UV lamp, because the time under the lamp takes too long. I then saw an ad about these products on Insta and was immediately excited. The package arrived within 2 days. The first time I used it, of course, still took a long time, but if you have some practice it's a great thing. 1. it is much cheaper in the long run than a visit to the nail salon. 2. the nails hold (with proper application) as long as the professional from the nail salon (about 4 to 6 weeks). 3. the application is faster than in the nail salon. A few tips from me to those who are doing this for the first time: 1. Watch the video tutorial not only before the application but also during the application. 2. for an even and beautiful coverage on all nails you need 2 times in the color powder. 3. when you go the 1 time in the color powder, go with the nail not quite to the top. It is best to leave a little space to the nail bed, so that you can still see a little of natural nail. Only at the 2 times you dip the nail up to the nail bed. The nail becomes quite thick because of all the powder. This prevents it from looking stupid when the lacquered part of the nail grows out. The only thing I have to criticize is the application of the remover kit. Even if you do everything according to instructions, residue still remains on the natural nail.

      Am thrilled

      The skepticism is gone! What remains is enthusiasm! It sounded so complicated...all these steps. I couldn't imagine that it would turn into a presentable result for me. But it looks almost like a professional. And the first time. Sure, you have to take your time for it, but then it is definitely worth it. I have opted for the French look. My nails were not right short. The next time it looks determined still quite different Now I'm just curious whether it really holds as long as it is promised. Oh the feet I have then made the same ☺️

      Melli W.

      Very satisfied

      Monika Hennig
      With a little practice....

      In the beginning I made mistakes, but then it worked out great. It is very time consuming because you can only do one hand, but that's not bad. Also for the other products five stars. Super product!!!

      J. M.
      Also a very nice color but....

      I am generally very satisfied with the products and have already ordered several times from doonails. This color is also very nice, but unfortunately not as pictured. Is rather pink and not such a beautiful reddish tone, as in the product photo. Therefore, this time only three stars...

      Doris Hager


      Great summer color!

      Depending on the light lighter or darker, sometimes bissi more pink, sometimes bissi into apricot, sometimes peach. Fits very many outfits and beautiful to tanned skin.

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