How do I remove Doonails Dipping Powder?

Doonails Dipping Powder is best removed with our remover combi. This method is simple, fast and gentle on the nail. The special Doonails acetone does not dry out the nails.

Since Dipping Powder is not a "varnish", it can not be removed with conventional nail polish remover.

How long does the manicure last?

Dipping Powder lasts up to 3+ weeks without cracking or chipping. The results are just like from the nail salon with a natural look.

Does it work with fake tips?

Of course. You can use Doonails also on your dips fake tips. It sticks exactly like on your natural nail surface.

Can i apply it on my short nails?

Yes. It does not matter if your nails are short or long. The big advantage is that your nails will grow easily because Doonails gives them stability so they wont break that easy.

Can i use Doonails also for pedicure?

Yes you can. It works the same way like with the manicure. You can see in detail how it works here.

What ingredients are used?

We have taken great care to use the best ingredients. Therefore, our products are also Vegan and made without animal testing. Doonails is PETA approved.

A detailed list of all ingredients can be found here.

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